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Boogaard Brokers has a broad expertise in the dredging and marine contractor's industry.

For this reason Boogaard Brokers is regularly consulted to assess the current market value of dredgers and marine equipment, using expertise and market knowledge combined with an extensive database.
Boogaard Brokers has been registered with the European Maritime Certification Institute (EMCI), which registration can be found on

Needless to mention is that an important factor is the technical condition of the dredger, class status and (class effecting) damages.

In general, market values of dredgers are a reflection of the sales prices realised on the S & P market between "a willing buyer and a willing seller" and are determined by "offer and demand".

Valuation reports are specifying concise description of the object, as well as clarification of the assessment criteria.

Why Boogaard Brokers?

  • In-house expertise
  • Market knowledge backed with an extensive database
  • A commercial philosophy aimed always at customer’s satisfaction
  • Working worldwide
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