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Privacy statement

Boogaard Sliedrecht B.V. considers it of great importance that the personal data provided by you are handled with the utmost care. We also think it is important to inform you about the way we use personal data and to offer you a choice about how data will be used. We therefore advise you to read this privacy statement carefully. Among other things, this privacy statement describes which data are collected through this website, how we use such data, and how these data are safeguarded

1. Why would I provide personal data to Boogaard Sliedrecht B.V.?
2. To whom may Boogaard Sliedrecht B.V. provide my personal data?
3. Does Boogaard Sliedrecht B.V. send cookies to your computer?
4. How are data protected?
5. Which rights do I have?
6. How can I ask questions or make a request?

1. Why would I provide personal data to Boogaard Sliedrecht B.V.? 
We have registered in our database following contact and personal information about your company and its individuals:
- company name
- contact persons (firstname, middle name(s), surname(s)
- e-mail accounts (general and personal company accounts)
- telephone numbers (landline(s), cellphone(s))
- Address: full company address(es)

By providing us with your personal data, we are able to offer you a number of advantages:
- If you make a request, we will be able to contact you in order to give you further information. 
- It enables us to provide you with the information you would like to have.

2. To whom may Boogaard Sliedrecht B.V. provide my personal data? 
It might happen that third parties collect, process and/or analyze (personal) data that are provided to us through our website or in any other way.  Third parties may only use data for the purposes mentioned above. Any other use is prohibited. We must also render your personal data if the law requires us to do so. In all other cases, Boogaard Sliedrecht B.V. will not provide your personal data to third parties without your previous consent. Boogaard Sliedrecht B.V. will not sell or provide data to third parties if they could use those data for their own purposes.

3. Does Boogaard Sliedrecht B.V. send cookies to your computer?
It might happen that our website sends a cookie, a small text file, to your computer. This enables us to recognize your computer when you visit us again. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you might consult the help file of your internet browser. This help file will show you how to block cookies or how to make sure that you receive a warning when a cookie is saved on your hard disk. For more information on cookies, please go to

If you visit our website to look at, read, or download information, visitor data may be collected and stored by us, such as data about the domain name and host computer from which you are browsing the internet, the IP address (Internet Protocol) of the computer you are using, the date and time at which you are visiting our website and the internet address of the website linking you to our website. These data allow us to measure the use of our websites and to improve our websites. Stored data will be erased after 14 months. 

4. How are data protected? 
We acknowledge our responsibility to safeguard the data you have entrusted us with. Boogaard Sliedrecht B.V. uses several tecniques to protect your data, such as safe servers and firewalls. 

5. Which rights do I have? 
Once you have provided us with your personal data, you have the right to change or erase these data. You must contact us if you wish to do so.

6. How can I ask questions or make a request? 
If you have any questions or requests concerning the privacy policy of Boogaard Sliedrecht B.V., please contact: 

Boogaard Sliedrecht B.V.
Merwestraat 34
3361 HL Sliedrecht
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0) 184 41 51 44
Chamber of Commerce reg. no.: 23021103

Final statements
This privacy statement is subject to Dutch law. All disputes arising from this statement or related to this website in any other way shall be submitted to the authorized court, the Court of Dordrecht. Questions about this privacy statement may be asked by filling out our contact form



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