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Modular csd with spud carriage and anchor booms, IHC Beaver 6518C

Type IHC Beaver 6518C
Delivery/yard 2010/The Netherlands
Classification Bureau Veritas
Dimensions 32.50 x 12.45 x 2.95 m. Loa 47.20 m
Pipe diameter 650/650 mm
Dredging depth max. 18.00 m
Cutter power 585 kW, hydr.
Ladder pump 1,570 kW
Total installed power 2,700 kW
Spuds 2, diam. 900 mm, length 23.40 m, weight 13 tons/each, hydr. operated
Spud carriage stroke 3.65 m
Anchor booms yes
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