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Heavy duty csd, pipe diam. 900/850 mm

Type monohull, csd with spud carriage and anchor booms
Built/yard 1985, IHC Holland
Classification Bureau Veritas I ✠ Hull ● Mach,
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Dimensions 70.00 x 16.50 x 5.20 m. L.o.a. 91.00 m
Pipe diameter 900/850 mm
Dredging depth 28.00 m
Cutter power 1,200 kW electr.
Diesel engine(s) total installed 11,000 kW
Ladder pump 1700 kW electr.
Inboard pump 2, each driven by 2,800 kW diesel engine
Jetwater pump 10 bar, 710 kW/electr.
Spuds 2, diam. approx. 1.6 m., approx. length 45 m, tilting installation
Spud carriage yes, stroke 6.00 m
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