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Modular csd, pipe diam. 650 mm, type IHC Beaver 6518C

Product description

Modular cutter suction dredger, type IHC Beaver 6518C with spud carriage and anchor booms

Type IHC Beaver 6518C
Built 2010
Classification Bureau Veritas, Coastal Area
Dimensions 32.50 x 12.45 x 2.95 m
Pipe diameter 650/650
Dredging depth 18.00 m
Cutter power 585 kW, hydr.
Ladder pump 1,570 kW
Aux. diesel engine 1,015 kW
Spuds 2 x length 23.40 m, diam. 0.90 m
Spud carriage stroke 3.65 m
Anchor booms yes

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